Logisticien en contexte et environement complexe et hostile
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definition de strategies logistique et mise en place de systemes d'approvisionnement et de support aux projets en environements complexes. Applicable a divers secteurs comme l'humanitaire, la recherche scientifique, la production audiovisuelle. ..

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Humanitaire Construction Production Audiovisuelle

Fields of practice:
Supply chain management, Achat, Transport

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction logistique Direction de la Production

Types of interventions:
Logistique, achat, securite, Air ops,supply chain management, administration

Training courses attended:

- Diplome Universitaire Européen 3? cycle “Humanitarian Intervention & Rehabilitation” Université de Droit et de Science politique, Aix en Pce, France.


Led training courses:

Computer skills:


Some references:

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Profession: Logistics/Procurement/Adiministrator/Project Manager

- Diplome Universitaire Européen 3? cycle “Humanitarian Intervention & Rehabilitation” Université de Droit et de Science politique, Aix en Pce, France.
- (Diplome Universitaire Technique) Audiovisuals techniques and photography, Université de Provence II.

Definition and development of logistics approach. Organisation, implementation and supervision of logistics networks to support and implement emergency assistance and post-conflict recovery projects. Procurement and supply management in compliance with donor’s guidelines. Development of standard operating procedures to support programs implementation. Air operations management. Administration, finance and budgets monitoring. Office and staff management. Team security supervision in unstable contexts. Supervision of projects in coordination and collaboration with the locale authorities and partners agencies. Design and implementation of large-scale distribution projects. Management of refugees and IDP’s camps. Emergency prepardness planning. Needs and resources assessments. Proposals elaboration and programs evaluation. Overseeing and monitoring the programs with appropriate liaisons and reporting to the head office and donors.


- Current: Senior Logistics Specialist CARE International Emergency group
Increase and develop Logistics capacity and systems for emergency response. Represent CARE International on the logistics sectors (UN, Log cluster, interagency initiative, suppliers…). Coordinate Logistics actions and developments with all CARE members. Support Emergency response.

- 02/06-04/07: Emergency Logistics officer CARE International Emergency group
Deployment on emergency situation to support CARE’s response. Provision of technical assistance and advice in logistics and procurement for CARE Country offices during emergency response. Assessment and start up mission in emergency phase. Development of logistics and supply arrangements for emergency deployments.

- 01/05- 10/05: Head of sub-office Logistics Supply UNICEF in Indonesia
Head of Medan sub-office (logistics hub). Opening of the office and set up of the structures. Logistics and supply management. Support to the UNICEF’s programs for the affected population by the Tsunami in Indonesia. Reception, distribution and dispatch of the supplies (customs clearing, warehousing, transport). Management of the local procurement. Operation management for UNICEF’s office in Medan. Coordination on logistics and programs issues with the program units, partner agencies and the local authorities.

- 11/04-12/04: Consultant GTZ/ AGEG in Rwanda
Elaboration of standards Memorandums of Understanding between NGOs, suppliers, governmental agencies and the Management Unit in Rwanda for the Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria

- 09/04- 11/04: Consultant Logistics Specialist CARE International Emergency group
Assessment of CARE resources and needs for the procurement and the supply of operational start-up kits and standard relief items. Concept and policy development for procurement and supply arrangements in emergency deployments.

- 05/04-06/04: Consultant Logistics Expert CARE International in Chad.
Assessment of the refugees situation from Darfur on water and sanitation, distribution, shelter and operationnal needs. Evaluation of CARE’s projects implementation. Reporting and recommendations on logistics and procurement issues for the development and improvement of the projects.

- 01/04- 04/04 : Procurement Officer for Merlin (Medical Emergecy relief international) in London UK.
Procurement and supply of medical equipments, drugs, vehicles, communication and IT equipements, food and non food items for 12 relief projects worldwide. Procurement in compliance with the donnors guideline (USAID, ECHO, DFID).

- 06/03-11/03: Logistics Manager, Creative Associates International in Kuwait/ Iraq.
Distribution of 1.2 million student kits and 135 000 sets of school furniture in Iraq for a “back to school” project. Supervision of the incoming supplies customs clearing and dispatch of the shipments into Iraq. Interface and coordination with the local authorities, suppliers, the frieght forwarders and transporters.USAID funding.

- 11/02- 1/03: Logistics Coordinator Action contre la Faim in East Timor.
Management of the closure of ACF programs and offices in East Timor. Return and report of the assets funded by the UNHCR. Donation of ECHO funded assets and materials to NGOs partners. Final report on logistics and assets management.

- 07/02- 10/02: Logistics Officer, UNICEF in Uzbekistan.
Management of Unicef’s Sub-Office in Termez. Supervision and implemention to supply 2000 tons of commodities to the Unicef’s programs in Afghanistan. Development of a computer based supply inventory, storage and shipment tracking system. Monitoring of the transport company contracted. Scheduling the movements for +/- 250 trucks into Afghanistan. Representation and coordination of the project with the partner agencies and the local authorities.

- 06/02-07/02: IDPs Resettlement Adivisor, DFID / CHAD OT (Dept for International Development UK) Sierra Leone.
Advice and support to the Government of Sierra Leone for the implementation of an IDP’s resettlement project. Support to the governmental agency in IDP’s registration, transport, way stations and drop-off points construction, distribution of resettlement package, former IDP’s campsites rehabilitation. Monitoring of the budget allocated to the programme. Coordination with the Governement of Sierra leone, the UN and IOM.

- 06/01-01/02: Logistics Manager, Louis Berger International in Chad.
Responsible of the air operation for a road and a pipeline construction. Interface with the contracted airline company. Management of 4 aircraft to support the field operations. Organisation of the air transport for the employes (+/-2000 Pax/month) + cargo on 7 sites. Control and approval of the invoicing from contractor. Scheduling aircraft movements and maintenance stops. Supervision of the logistics unit.

- 01/01-05/01: Logistics officer/Distribution for UNICEF in Kosovo.
Responsible for the accountability, inventory, and distribution of the supplies for the Unicef’s programs in Kosovo. Organisation and monitoring of all the distributions. Supervision of the implementing partners contracted for the distributions, transport and warehousing. Supervision of all storage facilities. Reporting and liaison with the programs units and field offices.

- 10/99-05/00: Logistics /Administrator on DDR for DFID/ CHAD OT (Dept For International Development UK) in Sierra Leone.
Management of the procurement, supply, finance and administration for a disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration centre of ex-combatants (1500 beneficiaries). Forecasting, ordering and supplying the commodities. Overseeing the programs with appropriate liaison and reporting. Assessing and opening news sites and camps. Funded by DFID and the World Bank.

- 05/99- 08/99: Project Manager for CARE International in Macedonia.
Management of a fresh food distribution project for 100000 beneficiaries in 6 refugee camps. Assessment of the local market. Requesting, analysing tenders from the suppliers. Redaction and follow up the purchase contract. Management of the delivery with the suppliers (150 tons /week). Organisation of the distribution and monitoting in the camps. Budget follow up and reporting to the donor. ECHO funded.

- 02/99-05/99: Project Manager for Hospitals Sans Frontiere in Honduras.
Management of a rehabilitation project of five healths centers by upgrading and reconstructing the structures and the water supply systems. Assessment of the needs and identification of the suppliers. Medical equipments donation. Coordination with the local authorities. Involvement of the local community in the project. Accountancy, budget follows up. Supervision implementation, monitoring, reporting of the project.

- 10/98- 12/98: Logistics Coordinator for Accion Contra el Hambre in Nicaragua.
Organisation, supervision of the logistics network for an emergency assistance after the Hurricane Mitch. Identification and mobilization of the logistics resources. Responsible for the clearing of airfreight cargo. Request of tenders and finalization of the purchases with suppliers for all the supplies. Definition and implementation of the logistics strategy. Logistics team management. Funded by ECHO.

- 06/98-09/98: Procurement Officer, Action Contre La Faim in Beijing China.
Responsible for the logistics support, procurement and supplies to the programs in North Korea. Assessment of the local market. Request and evaluation of the tenders for food and non-food items. In charge of developing and following the purchase contracts and the transport with the suppliers and freight forwarders. Liaison with the partners. Programs funded by ECHO.

- 09/97-06/98: Administrator/ Logistics Officer, Action Contre La Faim in Myanmar.
In charge of the field office management. Responsible for the logistics and the supplies for the programs. Finance, administration, office and staff management. Forecasting, ordering and purchasing of the commodities. Overseeing and monitoring the programs with appropriate liaison and reporting to the head office and donors. Proposals elaboration input. Close collaboration with UN agencies. UN and ECHO funded.

- 06/96-04/97: Logistics Coordinator, Action Contre La Faim in Sierra Leone.
Organisation and management of the logistics network on the different programs for 40000 IDP’s. Identification of logistics resources. Request and evaluation of international and local tenders, elaboration of purchase contracts. Responsible for security of the team. Definition of the logistics strategy. Extensive collaboration, reporting to the food agencies. Development and implementation of a regional logistics policy. Programs funded by OFDA and ECHO.

- 04/96-06/96: Logistics /Administrator Officer, Action Contre La Faim in Guinea.
In charge of the field office management. Responsible for the logistics and the supplies of programs for refugees. Supervision of the finance and administration. Office and staff management on site. Overseeing and monitoring the programs with appropriate liaison and reporting to the head office. Close collaboration with local authorities and UNHCR.

- 09/95-03/96: Logistics/ DistributionOfficer Action Contre La Faim in Angola.
In charge of the field office management .Set up, implementation and supervision of a general food distribution in a remote area for 25,000 beneficiaries. Evaluation of the program and operational needs. Involvement of the local community. Monitoring of the food distribution impact. Co-ordination of airlifted supplies (450 tons/month) with WFP. Overseeing the project with liaison/reporting to the head office, WFP and ECHO.

- 04/95-06/95: Logistics Officer Equilibre in Azerbaidjan.
Distribution of food and non-food items to 7000 vulnerables in public institutions. Organisation and supervision of the logistics network for the distribution. Assessment of the local market. Preparation of the purchase contracts with the suppliers. Monitoring and reporting on the project. ECHO funded.

- 07/94-02/95: Equilibre, Logistics Officer in Central Bosnia.
Management for a transportation project for INGOs (700 tons/month in all Central Bosnia). Organisation of all transport requests from partner agencies to ensure timely deliveries. Staff, administration and finance management.. OFDA funded.

- 2004/2005/2006: Responsible to teach the “Logistics in Humanitarian intervention” module to the students of Master degree in International Humanitarian Assistance and Master Degree of “Juriste International de Terrain” University of Law and Politics Science, Aix-en-Provence France.

1988- 1994: Contracted as part of TV /cinema production team in charge of the logistics and administration (authorisations of filming request and preparation of the filming sites, management of extras, renting vehicles, accommodation and transportation arrangments, technical materials supplies etc.) and as a technician (lighting, grip, camera assistant, photographer).

RELEVANT SKILLS: Very strong organisational skills. Capacity to adapt and to work under pressure. Ability to operate in a team and individually. Solid interpersonal, leadership, communication skills. Resourcefulness, polyvalence, reliability and flexibility. Sensitivity to cultural differences and ability to work in a wide variety of cultural and political contexts. Assessment and problem solving capacities. Strong analysis and reporting skills. Excellent knowledge of MS office packages. French mother tongue. Very good written and spoken English, intermediate Spanish level, basic Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia.
REDR member London UK (Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief. )

Edouard Beigbeder, Head of Office UNICEF Banda Aceh Indonesia
Jean-Michel Grand, Executive Director, Action Against Hunger UK.
Julien Harneis, Head of UNICEF sub-office Meulaboh Indonesia.

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